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A-Z Blueprint That Will Help You Build a Playboy IG Profile That Is Guaranteed To Get Your DM's Flooded With Big Booty Cuties, Even If You're Not Photogenic And On A Budget

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Discover How To Effortlessly Quit Watching Porn. Let's Be Honest... Having Hot Dominant Sex With Hot Baddies Is Better Than Jerking Off To Pixels On The Screen :)

Bonus #7:

15 Point Wife Material Checklist That Will Help You Discover If She's a Good Girl That's Worth Your Time, Or You Need To Leave Her ASAP. This Is Essential If You Have Little To No Experience With Women.

Bonus #8:

Body Language 101, Step-by-step Formula To Improve Your Body Language And Make Any Girl Wet Just By Looking At You (I'm Not Joking!)

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Exclusive Telegram Group, Connect With Likeminded Individuals And Share Tips And Methods On How To Attract And Make Any Girl Submit (+ Direct Mentorship From Me).

Bonus #10:

Overcoming A Breakup, Blueprint Which Is Full Of Little Known But Highly Effective And Proven To Work Methods On How To Heal Any Broken Heart.

Bonus #11:

FAQ Vault, 100 Most Commonly Asked Questions (And Answers) Regarding Relationships, Masculinity, How To Make A Girl Submissive, How To Have Sex If You're Overweight, Etc (47 pages)

Bonus #12:

Reignite The Fire In Your Boring, Sexless Marriage, Life-Changing Blueprint Which Will Help You Effortlessly Regain All The Passion And Sex In Your Marriage.

These bonuses are essential for any man who wants to find, attract and date hot submissive models (no one is talking about these, seriously).


Who this IS for?Who this IS NOT for?
Beta male who’s had it enough and wants to become an Alpha ChadGuy who uses feminism to have sex with girls
Low confident guy who is finally ready to approach REAL womenLonely guy who wants to spend his days looking at porn
Submissive man who wants to TAKE THE LEAD and become respectedBoring man who doesn’t want to spice up the things
Low valued male who wants to find out HOW to increase his worthFeminine male who’s into masculine females
Bad texter who wants to make her fall in love just OVER A TEXTGay guys, or simps who want to be friendzoned

Look. Here's the thing...

No one wants to be friend-zoned or rejected. No one wants to suffer because of love. No one wants to waste their time and energy on wrong women.

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'Why should I buy this?'

You shouldn’t, unless you want to waste months, even years of your time finding girls by trial and error. Or get a simple shortcut that will save you both time AND money.

'What do I get in this course?'

You will get secrets that everyone is hiding from you, possibly even the government. The better question is, are you ready for the reveal or you will stay single?

‘Do I need to have prior experience for this to work?’

Absolutely not. This step-by-step formula will help you discover every detail about the dating game which will make you feel like you’ve been in it for a decades now (and girls will think so too).

‘How can I know this is going to work?’

Once you start reading, you will realize how these little-known secrets are often overlooked, especially one on Page 24. After trying them, you will be banging on my door and thanking me for creating this blueprint.

‘Does my girlfriend need to be submissive for this to work?’

She can even be a feminist, and it's guaranteed to work on her. The beauty of this course lies in effectiveness in all kinds of relationships.

‘Do you offer refunds?’

If you have to ask that question, this is not for you. Please don't purchase.


‘I don't know how to be dominant.’

Don’t worry, most people don’t. That’s why I created ‘Submission Secrets’, to help the average guy become a dominant, Alpha male, and help you effortlessly get any girl you want (even if she doesn’t live in your city and you have 0 experience with dating or relationships).

‘I don’t have a girlfriend.’

You don’t need a girlfriend. But If you want to find a submissive baddie that will be obsessed with you, start from the Page 14 and you'll be in a relationship before finishing the blueprint.

‘I’m scared I will lose my girlfriend If I do this.’

You will transform into a high valued, respected man who she won’t be able to say ‘Goodbye’ to. This formula will make her become obsessed with you, respect you (as she should), and wet her panties every time she sees you :)

‘I don’t think anyone can help me, I've lost every hope’

That’s because this formula is out just now. If everyone knew these secrets, no one would be single anymore.

‘My girlfriend doesn’t respect me, can I still utilize methods from this blueprint?'

You absolutely can, this is tailored exactly for you. Don’t worry, her respect comes after you read this step-by-step system. You’re welcome.

‘I've never had sex, is that a problem?’

You don’t need any sexual experience - why? After finding out all the dirty secrets, you will master those sex positions so well, she’s guaranteed to ask you... ‘You’re so good at sex, are you a professional porn star?’ It's that effective!

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  • Submission Secrets

  • Attract & Approach Any Girl

  • 25 Best Pickup Lines

  • Instagram Daddy

  • The Texting Blueprint

  • Quit Porn Like a Pro

  • Wife Material Checklist

  • Body Language 101

  • FAQ Vault

  • Overcoming a Breakup

  • Reignite The Fire

  • Exclusive Telegram Group

  • Free Lifetime Updates (9 Updates so Far)

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  • Submission Secrets

  • Attract & Approach Any Girl

  • 25 Best Pickup Lines

  • Instagram Daddy

  • The Texting Blueprint

  • Quit Porn Like a Pro

  • Wife Material Checklist

  • Body Language 101

  • FAQ Vault

  • Overcoming a Breakup

  • Exclusive Telegram Group

  • Reignite The Fire

  • Free Lifetime Updates (9 Updates so Far)

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